According to multiple magazines, smudged lipstick is going to be the next big trend. Fat chance. Just because one thing is on a runway, everyone seems to think it’s the biggest trend of the year. The thing most of these magazines and journalists fail to realize is this makeup is for high fashion shows. High fashion shows aren’t to show clothes that ‘normal’ people would wear. High fashion is about art, it’s primarily about showing clothes that were created for artistic purposes. The only people who could actually wear those clothes are the people rich enough to not care what people think.

As much as I do love the smudged look, I doubt many people could pull it off without it looking like a mess. It’d end up looking like they’d overdrawn, attempted to rub it off and then left it. May aswell just scribble over their lips with the lipstick, frankly.

We all know we would all end up looking like this.

Other high fashion makeup includes thick black eye makeup, flowers on the lips, sequins stuck all over the face. None of those have become trends have they? That’s because there’s a big difference between haute couture makeup and actual makeup trends.

Anyway, whatever you decide to do is your business, but I won’t be trying to do smudged lipstick because I know for a fact it’ll fail. I’ll always love haute couture and makeup and that side of the art world. It’s always going to be one of my favorite art forms, I’d love it if it sneaked it’s way into the ‘normal’ world but I doubt that’s gonna be happening anytime soon.